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FlowBuilders Academy

Support your users with training courses built by Salesforce experts that understand your processes and your Salesforce environment.
With FlowBuilders Academy, you have access to online learning to help train employees anywhere, at any time.
All courses are delivered through an online learning platform, and can be delivered as instructor-led training via webinar if desired.

Give your new team members the skills and confidence to quickly make an impact in their new role, and learn how to get the most out of Salesforce.

The self-paced training also reduces the workload on your team to onboard new starters.


Ensure everyone across the department follows the documented process.

Support new processes with training as they’re rolled out, or help users maintain compliance as updates are made, with online courses available 24/7.


We can also build courses tailored to specific teams or tools that are more detailed or complex.

Work with us to design a customised program, and give your teams the tools they need to be successful.

About FlowBuilders Academy


Led by Arianne Crane, a certified Learning and Development specialist, FlowBuilders Academy is dedicated to helping your organisation maximise the benefits of its Salesforce solution. With FlowBuilders Academy, you can drive user adoption and improve governance, by aligning people with your systems and processes.


With over 20 years experience, Arianne develops learning objectives for each course and ensures that the subject matter is delivered as clear, relevant and easy to understand content.


Contact us today to learn more about FlowBuilders Academy for your organisation

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