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Easily manage your funding or loans program process, from application to assessment and disbursement. 

Your organisation is trying to manage programs with information siloed in separate systems, creating unnecessary manual work and administration. It is difficult to report on disbursements and there is no single view of the customer.


How can you create more flow in the process, to improve visibility, governance and disburse funds quickly to where they’re needed?


Ensure that your organisation can make efficient and effective decisions - with FundMinder by FlowBuilders, you have access to all the important information in one place. 


Built on the Salesforce platform, FundMinder offers:


  • End-to-end management of funding and loan programs, to streamline administration

  • Secure application forms connected to your CRM

  • Integration with your financial and records management systems

  • Reports and dashboards to help you monitor applications and program performance

  • A single view of funding recipients


Contact us today to learn more about FundMinder for your organisation

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