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Securely upload large files from webforms to anywhere, with this solution from FlowBuilders.

Even enterprise-level webform solutions struggle to handle large files. But your customers need to provide significant documentation, multiple images or even video files. Your business wastes time trying to find manual workarounds.


How can you securely upload large files from a webform submission, and ensure the files end up in the right place? 


For anything from program applications to funding submissions - it's critical that your webforms work seamlessly, and provide a smooth customer experience.


With LargeFileUploader, you have the peace of mind knowing that the forms can handle bulk uploads with ease.

  • Easily connect LargeFileUploader to multiple forms

  • Connect to your file storage solution

  • Create a link to the file in Salesforce against the customer record - so your CRM remains the source of truth


Contact us today to learn more about LargeFileUploader for your organisation

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