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Records Archive Connector

Automatically sync records and documents - integrate Content Manager with your cloud systems to ensure your records and archives are always up-to-date.

Many government departments and large enterprises use HPE Content Manager (previously TRIM) for document archiving and records management - but it’s disconnected from your CRM or HR systems.


How can you keep these systems connected to reduce duplication and manual effort?


With FlowBuilders Records Archive Connector, your records management system is synced with your cloud-based systems - including Salesforce, Zendesk or Workday - removing double-handling of documents.

Automate the transfer, filing and taxonomy of documents captured or generated by your cloud systems into Content Manager, and send document links back to your CRM - to maintain a single view of the customer.

  • Save time: Automated sync allows users to
    quickly find the right information  

  • Reduce errors: Eliminate double handling of documents

  • Strengthen governance: Track document history and maintain a complete archive in Content Manager.

  • Capture the right data: embellish folder or document meta data with common keys like Case number, Order number, Last Name


The FlowBuilders Records Archive Connector requires a Workato plan to operate. For private clouds, use of a Workato on-premise agent is required. Depending on the Workato plan you select, use of the FlowBuilders Records Archive Connector may consume one or more recipes from your plan allowance and is subject to Workato's terms and conditions.
FlowBuilders Records Archive Connector is licensed separately by FlowBuilders.

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